The images in this painting individually represent various modes of awareness. I see this painting as a layering of different types of consciousness whose combination creates a new “compound” just as in chemistry a new compound is made with a combination of elements that has a new life of its own. Out of a field of expressive brushwork rises a schematic plot of wave amplitude. The yellow dots are a pattern of a patch of poison ivy leaves from a woody section of my yard. The thickly painted red and orange diagram, representing a mode of a stationary electromagnetic field in a cavity, was carefully painted multiple times in the directions of the arrows while concentrating on them as an Asian calligrapher would - attempting to capture the innate meaning of the form.
Together they create a unified field of mental states: of emotion, of nature, and of the objective logic of science.

art and science, graphs, quantum physics, Uniaxial Active Stress. Steven Breaux
Gil Contraction Uniaxial Active Stress Poison Ivy
Acrylic on canvas
60" X 48"