Buddha Germination Frequency Differential
Buddha Germination Frequency Differential
Acrylic on gessoed en tout cas paper

Buddha Germination Frequency Differential
The overview of this painting:
In general, it is accurate to view this painting as a landscape. It signifies as a landscape slightly more than two rectangles of different sizes contained within a horizontal rectangle speaks of landscape. Starting from the top or “sky” which moves slightly back, the bulk of the “land” rolls downward gaining speed or sharper decline quickly so that 4/5s of the painting is land that is mostly vertical, erect.

Space is primarily delineated through scale, overlap and some value changes. This space is meant to convey a joint physical and conceptual, nonphysical landscape. Not only is it a landscape of the imagination based on the physical, but it is also a layered internal landscape linking various times. The various journals from irrigation manuals, images and diagrams of excavated ancient sites through archeological journals, various cultural artifacts represented by shape, form, and paleo-botanical fossilized forms that stand in for a Tibetan Dalai Lama. These create a complex intermingling of sources for meaning and a need for a viewer with sharpened consciousness, beginning with myself as the first viewer. Here revelation through excavation, or better yet, excavation through revelation of the material landscape (the painting) begins the process of understanding this painting.
Steven Breaux,2022