F. WORK FROM 2001-2007 > Sky, Mud and Bones 2002

Title: Femme du Sud

Media: Hand painted silk
Size: 4.5ft. x 6ft.

Femme du Sud is a work that is the sister of L'Homme du Sud (Man of the South). Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" is a reference for this work which is a female fertility symbol. Across the top are pollen spores and on her chest is a bee that presumably has just left a carefully placed magnolia blossom. Other images include an aspidistra leaf, a hexagram from the I Ching for the female principle and three different views of a deer hoof (a reference to Diana in Greek mythology). There is a very strong association to Oriental art and Oriental philosophy ...
The aspidistra is a plant that was often planted on either side of the steps that led up to the entrance of a plantation or home. Commonly known as "iron weed" (for its hearty nature) it was a symbol of welcome. Like L'Homme du Sud there is another panel showing the back which has recently been completed.

Femme du Sud
Femme du Sud