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THE PLANTING then (scroll down) THE HARVEST

Gridded Earth Drawings: 30.21385N-92.02549W

After our work with Earth Drawings, the process of burying silk to obtain an image, a drawing, directly from the earth, we began our most ambitious piece yet involving the burial of silk. We decided to focus intensely on our “location,” our place of residence like never before. We began to photograph every 30”x30” square of our yard in grid-like fashion. During the photographing of each square would also “plant” a 6”x6” piece of silk at the center of each square. We also pluck a sample of a plant that is contained within each square and store and label the specimen in a waxed bag.
In the final piece we will harvest each silk piece and sew them together forming a large single work. The photographs as well will be combined into a single piece.


Gridded Earth Drawings: 30.21385N-92.02549W, 2010