How did this start?
“Drawing Diagrams” J. p.137, 138 Journal
Began drawing diagrams as if they were things like flowers, or plants. I thought of them existing naturally in their “environment.” I see them as weeds of the art world, and the world in general. I see them as abstraction of perception and as Bohm has said- Perception is pre-formulated abstractions. All paintings are essentially diagrams.

From my Journal:
I look at graphs and diagrams as objects or things emerging from a world of ideas, almost as a pre-seed. To me they are representations of thought and visualization –cast-offs of minds heading toward other endeavors. Weeds of the art world, of the image world, they can be akin to weeds of an information world, highly useful and serving valuable functions in the overall ecology of information and visual-ness yet frequently passed over as being neither the most important aspect of the information process nor do they rank as members of the artistic, aesthetic class of imagery: Orphans in these lively worlds. One of the things I am trying to do is to help them emerge into the realm of art. I am also investigating the process that links these two worlds.

These short-hand conveyors of information communicate, within their designated realm, information that the analyzers of the data seem to be capable of interpreting only in a specialized manner. The purveyors of the diagram do not regard the visual-ness of the information, the aesthetics of the diagram, to any great degree except to the degree that the aesthetics assist in the conveyance of the specific information. I treat these images as aesthetic objects, alive in their own existence, in an environment specially created, yet limited in scope. I draw them in their uniqueness as sentient beings in their own right without regard for their intended purpose.

Drawing Diagrams Statement