Virtual reality, or digital processes can create the illusion of returning to the inner, non-physical sources of art. The current “Working Space” is now a virtual space, a simulacrum, a digital arena. Why have we created it? Control. I believe it is an attempt to control or to avoid our interior selves by projecting a “non-physicallike”
realm which at its foundation is a programmed extension of our logical processes minus the deeper emotional, expressive, sources of our non-physical, subjective aspects of being.

I began to look for ways to combine tactile drawing and painting within a digital context in order to “humanize” the sometimes robotic look of digital imagery. A hand-drawn mark has the potential to carry unique, individualized information. And I am interested in the ability or inability of technology to translate these unique properties, through scanners and printers and software, into the final image.

In fact I believe that for the artist the crucial test (in at least the short run) for the viability of 2 dimensional, still digital imagery will be how well can the computer infuse digital imagery with the individualized information contained within a line created by a hand. Current biotech research suggests this may eventually be possible. Journal Entry

From my Journal:Concerning Big Thick Prints