Consciousness,QUANTUM PHYSICS, CODE, DOUBLE-SLIT RAMIFICATIONS, code or diagrams of the algorithms, atoms, particles, making up the matter of the paint. Cartesian diagram, L-systems were conceived as a mathematical theory of plant development, Lindenmeyer or L-systems

Turtle Paintings/Prints
After pouring paint onto prints that included scanned brushwork (Big Thick Prints) I took a new look at various virtual reality plant systems- Lindenmeyer or L-systems. In examining the code or diagrams of the algorithms a feature present is the diagram for the Cartesian mapping in 3 dimensions. I found this Cartesian mapping cursor or symbol in many different diagrams.
L-systems were conceived as a mathematical theory of plant development.
The modeling of complex plant systems using this formal computer approach leads me to think about the underlying physics in forming matter. If mathematics can be used to formulate a convincing virtual plant, with environment and added variables that “simulate” plant growth and other processes that affect plant growth and express degrees of decay, then the question

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becomes: Is the underlying structure of the Universe or matter mathematics? [Or is mathematics simply another expression of this underlying structure along side of and equal to a subjective, artistic expression?]
As an artist however I am dealing with (in these images) the scanned image of a brushstroke that has been digitized (coded) then printed, I then apply brushstrokes on the surface of the print emphasizing the materiality of the paint in response to physical and mental forces through a brush.

I follow the directions of the arrows of the Cartesian diagram- the turtle 3d diagram-as an act of containment, first off. But also to emulate the Chinese [Asian] traditions of calligraphy and brushwork.

Turtle Prints Statement from Journal